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Apprentice Boys of Derry

The Associated Clubs of the



Randalstown - 70th Anniversary Crimson Ball on Saturday 12th Oct.


Ardrossan - Annual Walker Club Parade in Ardrossan on Sat 28th Sept.


Walker Clubs

Cumber Claudy - Annual Service on Sunday 28th July in Banagher Presbyterian Church at 3.30pm.


Linwood - Anniversary Parade on Saturday 24th August at 6.15pm.


Newtownards - Annual Shutting of the Gates Parade, Saturday 14th December.


Comber - 75th Anniversary dinner on Saturday 2nd November.


Lurgan - Annual Closing of the Gates Parade on Sunday 15th December, assemble Browlow House 2.30pm.





Apprentice Boys of Derry Clubs

Parent Club - Annual Initiation Parade on Saturday 14th September leaving Lincoln Court Community Centre at 11.00am.


Blackburn - Annual Remembrance Parade on Sunday 4th November.


Blackburn - Remembrance Parade hosted in Blackburn on Saturday 2nd November.


Airdrie - Annual Remembrance Parade on Saturday 9th November 11am


Dromara - Unfurling and Dedication of a new banner on Wednesday 7th August at 7.30pm.



No Surrender Clubs

Parent Club - Joint initiation day and Graves visitation with the Murray Club will take place on Saturday 21st September.


Lauriston & Southside - Annual Glasgow Clubs Parade will be hosted by the Branch on Saturday 17th August, Holland Street 10.45am.


Sandy Row - Annual Parade Saturday 28th September, assemble 7pm at Sandy Row Rangers Club.







Mitchelburne Clubs


Corcreeney - Annual Thanksgiving Service on Sunday 15th September in Gibson Hill Mission Hall. Corcreeney Orange Hall at 3.00pm.




Baker Clubs

Parent Club - Sposored walk around the City Walls on Wednesday 7th August at 6pm.


Belfast - Burning of Lundy Parade on Saturday 1st November.








Browning Clubs

Possilpark - Annual Anniversary Parade on Saturday 3rd November.


Possilpark - Annual Anniversary Parade on Saturday 2nd November.






Murray Clubs

Parent Club - Annual Initiation Day parade on Saturday 5th October.


East Lothian - Anniversary Parade Saturday 14th September.


Burnside - Parade to Antrim War Memorial on Saturday 2nd November.


Edinburgh Covenanters - 10th Anniversary Parade on Saturday 16th May 2020.







Campsie Clubs