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Apprentice Boys of Derry

The Associated Clubs of the



Parent Club - 175th Anniversary thanksgiving service on Sunday 12th May.  Anniversary dinner in the White Horse Hotel on Friday 14th June, followed by annual initiation parade on Saturday 15th June.


Kilwinning - 19th Anniversary Parade, Saturday 23rd March 2019. Walker Club Parade on Saturday 28th September.


Irvine - 62nd Anniversary Parade on Saturday 2nd March 2019 at 2pm.


Motherwell - Hosts of the annual Scottish Amalgamated Committee Parade on Saturday 1st June. Further details to follow.


Randalstown - 70th Anniversary Crimson Ball on Saturday 12th Oct.


East Ayrshire - 11th Anniversary Parad on Sat 18th May in Cumnock.


Walker Clubs







Apprentice Boys of Derry Clubs

Parent Club - Annual St Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday 16th March, with Service of Thanksgiving in St Columns Cathedral. Annual Initiation Parade on Saturday 14th September leaving Lincoln Court Community Centre at 11.00am.


East Kilbride - 'Rangers legends' speakers night on Saturday 9th February.


Dalmarnock - Annual anniversary parade on Saturday 11th May, followed by social function in Rutherglen Orange Hall.


Bridgeton - Easter Thanksgiving service in Glasgow Evangelical Church on Sunday 21st April.


Blackburn - Annual Remembrance Parade on Sunday 4th November.


North East England - Annual Parade on Saturday 18th May.




No Surrender Clubs









Mitchelburne Clubs








Baker Clubs

Parent Club - Annual Initiation Day, Saturday 11th May 2019, leaving Rossdowney at 11am.


Woodburn - Dedication and unfurling of new bannerette in Woodburn Orange Hall on Saturday 13th April at 1.00pm.








Browning Clubs

Possilpark - Annual Anniversary Parade on Saturday 3rd November.





Murray Clubs

Galston - Annual Parade 9th March 2019, in Galston, Ayrshire.


Inverness - Annual Parade on Saturday 6th April.


Manchester & Salford - Annual Parade on Saturday 4th May 2pm.


Benfleet Essex - Annual Martyrs Remembrance Parade in Rayleigh on Sunday 5th May.


North Ballymena - Annual St Patricks Day Parade on Saturday 16th March at 1.00pm.


Rutherglen - 11th Anniversary Parade on Saturday 20th April at 4.00pm.


Cromkill - Annual Divine Service on Sunday 14th April at 3pm.






Campsie Clubs