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By abodadmin, Feb 6 2017 11:19AM

On Saturday 9th September, the Bangor Browning Club of the Apprentice Boys of Derry will be holding a Parade and Dedication to mark their 90th Anniversary. The venue is Bangor Orange Hall on Hamilton Road and the days proceedings are as follows;

1:30pm - Reception, tea/coffee

2:00pm - Open of Club meeting for Dedication of new Club Bannerette and Officers regalia

2:40pm - Assemble for Parade from Bangor Orange Hall to Town Hall

3:05pm - Assemble for Parade of Bangor town centre finishing at Bangor Orange Hall at 3:45pm

4:00pm - Refreshments in Bangor Orange Hall to conclude

By abodadmin, Jan 25 2017 10:43AM

On Saturday 21st January, 2017, members of the Antrim Murray Club Branch of the Apprentice Boys Association had a visit to Londonderry.

The day began with a guided tour of the impressive Siege Museum and Memorial Hall followed by a tour of the City Walls. The members along with their partners and children were highly impressed with the recently opened museum and the restoration work that had been carried out on the Hall.

The bus then proceeded to Old Glendermott Cemetery to carry out a wreath laying ceremony at the grave of Col. Adam Murray, thus showing that the courage, leadership and sacrifice shown by Murray during the Siege of Londonderry will never be forgotten.