Inverness Parade; Statement

Friday 12 Apr 2024

“The City of Inverness Apprentice Boys Club has been holding an annual parade in Inverness since the club opened 15 years ago.

There has never been trouble at the parade which consists of a few hundred members. The event creates very little disruption and concludes after a short walk through the city centre.

The people who describe the parade as a hate march really need to reflect on their own level of tolerance and respect for other cultures and traditions.

The parade is simply members of the association commemorating and celebrating their history and culture.

A privilege our forefathers fought and died for, to ensure freedom of expression for everyone.

As British citizens we uphold the freedoms won by our predecessors in many conflicts. The members of the Apprentice Boys will not humbly or cowardly walk away from those that wish to suppress that freedom, which enriches our birthright and cultural identity.  

The Officers and Members of the governing body of the Apprentice Boys of Derry commend and congratulate our members in Inverness for organising this annual parade, thus ensuring the sacrifice of our forefathers is not forgotten in the North of Scotland.”

William Moore.

General Secretary.  Apprentice Boys Of Derry.

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