Upcoming Elections

Tuesday 16 May 2023

Apprentice Boys urge Unionists to vote in upcoming elections.

The Apprentice Boys of Derry has urged Unionists to vote for ALL unionist candidates in the upcoming local government elections.

As in any family, there are many differences among Unionists on the path forward. That may lead to apathy or a narrow view on who to support. However, as a family, we need to stand together. The Union is what we share, and we must share our votes across all shades of Unionism once we have made our first choice.

The Apprentice Boys urge all Unionists to vote in order of preference, ensuring votes are transferred to all other unionists on the ballot paper.

Unionist households are strongly encouraged to vote for the candidate of their choice and then vote for all unionists to ensure the strongest possible Unionist representation in their area. Too often seats, and local representation, have been lost because Unionists have failed to vote all available candidates or to not bother voting at all.

The freedom to vote and to take part in the democratic process is something we must value, and the best way to demonstrate how much we value our democratic process is to go to the Polling Station and cast a vote. Use your vote, and vote Unionist.


William Moore                                   Graeme Stenhouse                                                                                                    

General Secretary.                            Governor.                                                                                             

For further contact please telephone William Moore: 07713 273011

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